March’s Must-Send List

18279450_sSpring is finally here! And along with the spring season comes plenty of gorgeous flowers that are just waiting to be sent to that special someone. Ordering fresh flowers that have just bloomed aren’t simply beautiful, but they’re also cost-effective. For example, the Calla Lily is most prevalent in March. This distinguished white flower makes for a clean, crisp arrangement that can send a message of love, appreciation or joy. On top of that, these types of bouquets can bring the long-overdue smell of spring to any room.

For a brighter arrangement, March is also the perfect month to send Gerber Daisies. Pink, yellow and orange flowers bloom big for a bouquet that catches the eye and brings color to any desk, table or vase. Also available in red, a combination of these daises can be sent for virtually any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries or just because. If you had something purple in mind, March has that to offer too! The purple irises with a yellow center are an extraordinary bouquet that stands out among the rest.

The Snapdragon is another flower featured in March. These tall and long plants have rows of small flowers that come in colors like yellow and pink. Delicate and adorable, Snapdragons are a great flower to send to someone that has already received their fair share of roses and carnations. Tulips are also a unique flower available this month in purple, yellow, white, pink and more. This type of flower can be purchased and sent with the bulbs so the recipient can enjoy the arrangement as well as plant the Tulips for the spring and summer seasons.

Sunflowers are another option for this month. In a range of sizes, these flowers can brighten anyone’s day. As an arrangement on a table or desk, they can lighten any space, reminding everyone that spring is well on its way. When the petals of the flowers begin to wilt weeks after delivery, the Sunflower seeds can be kept to either eat or plant. Sunflowers grow tall and strong in gardens and really are a gift that keep on giving.

March is a great month to send flowers because of the large selection it offers. Calla Lilies, Gerber Daisies, Irises, Snapdragons, Tulips and Sunflowers sent alone, or combined with other seasonal flowers make for beautiful springtime bouquets. And, since these flowers are growing and widely available, choosing and sending these flowers won’t break the bank.