Millions of Reasons To Give Roses


Maybe there aren’t a million reasons to give your loved one roses; but there are far more than you think. Roses are not just for Valentine’s Day anymore; and actually they never were. Red, yellow, white, and pink, are just a few of the most popular colors of roses; which makes them the perfect flower to celebrate and honor any occasion.


Here are 5 beautiful reasons to give your mate a bouquet of roses anytime of the year:


1. She always laughs at your jokes.


People often say, “I love her because she laughs at my jokes”. Well, it isn’t just about the jokes; this statement shows a great appreciation for someone who you always know is on your side. Relationships are joyous, but also a lot of work; and to enjoy a partnership of trust and loyalty is something to treasure. Give a gift of roses that say, “I appreciate you, because you appreciate me”.


2. He is a great father to your children.


That’s right, men love receiving flowers too. Roses, are especially for lovers, and will always be the flower that says, “you are my one and only”. Giving your husband or boyfriend, a bouquet of roses with a thank you card that tells him how much you thank him for being a great dad to your children, is a unique and unforgettable sentiment.


3. It’s Date Night!


More couples are sharing regular “date nights” lately. It is a fun, romantic, and creative way to keep the flames of love burning. You may schedule a date night once a week, but a once a month surprise of a dozen red roses, will truly let your loved one know that they are still cherished and desired.


4. Bring a smile to a rainy day.


Some days are blahh! It’s raining outside and everyone is stuck inside. You would be the hero of the day, if you decided to run an errand to your nearest florist for a bouquet of yellow roses. And this time, “yellow” is a symbol for the sunshine and smiles you want that special one to enjoy.


5. Just because you love her.


Giving a bouquet of roses on an average Wednesday will bring more delight to your loved one than you could imagine. On certain holidays, roses, and flowers in general, are almost expected. But to be surprised with a dozen red roses on a Wednesday, is sublime. You will surely be thanked over and over again for this special act of love and care.