Offer Your Congratulations with these Great Bouquets

A Touch of Mauve

Have you ever wanted to congratulate someone or wish them well before a new adventure, but felt like a simple card just wasn’t enough? There are some occasions too special for such a commonplace gesture. For these, one of our Mills Florist congratulatory flower bouquets is the perfect solution.

All of our arrangements are stylish and elegant, but the “congratulations” bouquets we offer use color vibrancy and dramatic flower combinations to make the recipient feel really special. These aren’t your typical, everyday pieces – instead, they’re as special as the feelings you want to share with your recipient over their success or achievement.

A Touch of MauveNew Job

A family member or friend who has just landed a new job is probably feeling pretty happy and confident right about now. Send them something that really pops to commemorate their achievement. A Touch of Mauve and Mango Tango are both beautiful pieces that use bright orange blossoms that feel incredibly celebratory.

New Mom

For a new mother, a touch of comforting beauty is definitely the way to go. In place of a standard balloon, the Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant is a gorgeous and classic way to say “congratulations.” The white petals and understated elegance of this arrangement are what makes it so dramatic, yet also peaceful.

New School Year

Students starting a new school year – especially those going off to college for the first time – are feeling excited and a little scared at the same time. Send your love and good wishes with the Spring Tea piece. Its calm yet fun aesthetic comes across as both comforting and emboldening. The added bonus of this arrangement is that it simply looks like an elegant arrangement the student could have purchased themselves – so they won’t feel shy displaying it in their new dorm or apartment!

New Success

If someone you know has already accomplished something big, such as performing in a play, a slightly different approach could be useful. The Seasonal Presentation Bouquet is clearly an excellent choice for anyone who has just finished a performance or recital. The flowers in this piece are carefully and artfully wrapped together so that it can be held easily by the recipient.

For an even more extravagant statement of congratulations, the Large Celebration Bouquet is perhaps the biggest and grandest gesture of them all. With its gorgeous combination of colors and high-reaching tendrils, it’s a magnificent way to tell someone you love that you’re proud of them.

This is just a taste of the incredible congratulatory bouquets we currently offer. With so many options, you really can’t go wrong! To order a bouquet or to discuss a custom order to send your warm wishes, call Mills Florist today at 650-326-3443.