Order Your Easter Flowers Today!

What are the most perfect symbols for any holiday? Flowers, of course!

The Easter season is upon us and whether you’re looking for the perfect arrangement for your table or a symbol of love or appreciation for a family member or friend, you’ll not find a lovelier option than a fresh bouquet of flowers.

In the spirit of the holiday, there are many wonderful flower choices for clients to choose from. With spring finally arriving, bright colors and pastels are in full bloom. Some great options for flowers include tulips, hydrangeas, peace lilies, paper whites, pothos, ivies, tea roses and African violets. Whatever variety you prefer, there are also many beautiful bouquets, vases and baskets to choose from to complete your Easter décor.

Lilies are one of the first flowers that anyone thinks of when they think of the idea of Easter. They themselves represent purity and hope. White roses also have a meaning of purity and innocence. Purple tulips represent royalty, while white symbolizes newness and purity. Overall, tulips can mean eternal life and serve as one of the flowers that most heralds the arrival of spring.

Brighten up this Easter season and celebrate with flowers from Mills Florist. We offer the freshest picked flowers for every day and season of the year. Picking the freshest options available ensures that your flowers will last much longer than other florists you may find, giving you the best looking and smelling blooms for either your Easter celebrations or any other occasion. Check out our Easter bouquets and arrangements now, or call us today at 650-326-3443.