Our Floral Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

Our Flower Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

April 21st marks a new day not only in our calendars, but also in our offices. Administrative staff are the spine of any company, pulling forth the man power and providing the essential support needed to execute any task. This is an opportunity to share your appreciation for those who help you keep your business running.

Here are our floral picks for Administrative Professionals Day, suitable for every kind of employee. Our Flower Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

Delicate Orchid Office Decor

The orchid is a flower species which has remained a long-time mystery since the antiquity of ancient Greece, and it is its elusive nature that has made the orchid one of the most popular flower picks for special occasions today, including National Orchid Day, celebrated both nationally and internationally on April 16th. We think these prized, delicate beauties belong on the desks of your assistants, secretaries, or support staff, and choosing our pink Orchid Garden or Designer’s Choice Orchid available in multiple colors to give is the perfect meaningful gesture to applaud a job well done.

Aroma Therapy with Tulips and Hydrangea

As well as being popular choices to give to someone as a get well gesture, tulips and hydrangea are our flower picks for National Administrative Professionals Day because they represent energy, enthusiasm, and vitality, the very character enhancers displayed by an office staff ready to conquer each and every day. A byproduct of gifting these gorgeous flowers are that their scents will linger in the office all day-long, hopefully inspiring productiveness and a positive, go-getter mindset.

Minimalism in Succulent Gardens

As plants deriving from dry, desert climates that are easy to care for, succulents are experiencing their heyday right now. Their rise in current popularity can be attributed also to their pest resistance, novelty charm, and compact sculptural forms, making them ideal for the hard-working men at the office, or your administrative assistant’s swanky new bachelor pad. Similarly, many women enjoy a minimalist aesthetic, and so succulent gardens would outfit their work spaces nicely.

A Touch of Color with a Bouquet

Sometimes, all you need in your home is a little touch of color. Bouquets full of springtime flowers can do just that. Our Fragrant Blooms bouquet and Floral Highlights bouquets are the best combination of elegance and color for this year’s Administrative Professional’s Day. Both are carefully hand-crafted with stunning spring and pastel flowers to help you bring the outdoors in.

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