Postive Vibes Through Flowers [Reasearch Study]


For those who enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers, it is easy to see how these artful bits of nature, with their intricate designs and intense colors can help brighten your day. But not many will know just how truly positive the effects of living and working around flowers can be. At the University of Florida’s Brain Awareness Week in 2012, keynote speaker Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D. spoke on the subject of “the power of flowers over humans”.


The title of Dr. Haviland-Jones’ speech, was “Flower power: It makes you smile, the brain-changing smile”. When we experience the feelings of joy, serenity, and wellness from receiving a gift of flowers, it is not our imaginations running away with us. There are scientific reasons and proof on the subject of flower power.


There is proof that flowers cause more peaceful and uplifting thoughts, and therefore those good-feeling thoughts cause a shift in our emotional perception. Ultimately, we simply feel better, more hopeful, and secure when flowers are around. Keeping flowers in our homes and in in our work areas can create environments that enable human beings to thrive, and feel connected. This feeling leads to the bettering of life skills, plus healthier, more meaningful social interactions.


This may all sound too complicated to accept or absorb; you may say, “they are only flowers. Beautiful, yes; but how do they really affect us on a day-to-day basis?”


Here are just a few of the ways you may notice positive changes in your home, workplace, or life in general; when you surround yourself with flowers:


Flowers make you feel at home wherever you go


Flowers have the ability to give you a feeling of comfort and safety. They often give us a feeling of permanence. By placing a vase of flowers in a hotel room, or any temporary living situation, it will make your surrounding feel less temporal, and give you the sense of being at home.


Flowers can inspire creativity


The variety, beauty, and vibrancy of flowers, often acts as a muse, inspiring you to be creative; to begin or finish creative projects you may have forgotten about or neglected. For centuries, flowers have been the subject of many classic paintings, the chorus of many songs, and alive in verses of poetry.


Flowers and plants improve air quality


Plants and flowers produce oxygen; and studies show that the more plant life you have around, the better the air quality in your home or office, and the easier it will be for you to breathe properly. Having an arrangement of flowers in each area of your living space, will help to ensure the same quality of air throughout your home.


However you choose to enjoy flowers, whether consciously or unknowingly; they will have a positive, healthy and lasting affect on your mood and your daily life.

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