Professional Floral Decorating Tips from Famed Event Planner, Preston Bailey


Preston Bailey is the spectacular floral artist and event planner to the stars. Known for designing many fabulous celebrity weddings including Melissa River’s Russian-themed Wintertime extravaganza. The spectacular flowers were the highlight of the celebrity wedding. Melissa is the daughter of famous comedienne, Joan Rivers.


Anyone who has seen Preston’s work knows just how breathtakingly beautiful his arrangements are. He transforms flowers into undeniable works of art and creates unforgettable presentations. Though most of us are unable to afford to have Preston Bailey fly out to our homes to design our floral arrangements; we can follow some of his treasured advice and create small little Preston Bailey worlds of our own.


Put as much floral fabulousness in the foyer or entryway as possible


If you are having a dinner or cocktail party, and don’t want to break your budget on purchasing flowers, spend your time and money on decorating the entryway or foyer area. It makes a fabulous impression when you walk into a home greeted by beautiful floral arrangements. Consult your florist for advice on what flowers will truly shine for your specific event.


Choose unique floral containers


If you’re going to buy gorgeous flowers, don’t just plop them inside a  bunch of plain vases or glass jars. Pay special attention to your container choices. Choose metallics or bright colors that match the decor of your event. Ask your florist to suggest some unconventional containers that will work and be functional, but stand out in a crowd at the same time.


The right lighting can make all the difference


When decorating with flowers there is more to consider than simply picking out types of arrangements. The average person tends to neglect the details that designers like Preston Bailey fawn over. Lighting is a major part of creating the perfect atmosphere, and the right lighting will bring all of your flowers and arrangements to life in a more brilliant and spectacular way. Try candles, candelabras, soft pink and soft white lighting to best compliment your floral design.


Be consistent and create a pattern with your floral arrangements


This is where you may need the most help from your florist. Nothing looks worse than having too little flowers in your arrangements or design. If you are on a tight budget, it is more attractive to the eye to see an abundance of lilies or roses than a few very expensive orchids. If you are decorating multiple dining areas or tables, make sure that each area has the same amount of flowers. Balance is the key to beauty.