Pumpkin Succulent Garden Care

fullsizerender-39Our design staff will include a copy of the following care instructions along with your personal card message to ensure this gift is enjoyed for as long as possible.

Tips: Protect a succulent-topped pumpkin from strong sunlight, excessive heat, freezing temperatures, and rain. Good air circulation is essential. Placing the pumpkin atop a thick piece of cardboard will keep moisture from collecting underneath, preventing the pumpkin from rotting prematurely.

Water: Lightly spray the succulents once a week to dampen the moss and hydrate any new little roots that might have formed. Avoid letting water pool around the pumpkin’s stem.

Light: Treat the pumpkin succulent garden as you would treat a houseplant. Give it bright, indirect light by placing it near a window indoors or outside on a sheltered deck or balcony. Keep it away from sources of heat.

After Care: To transition the succulents to a more permanent home, slice the entire top off of the pumpkin and plant the arrangement directly in a container filled with dirt or in a frost-free garden bed.