Seasonal Spring Blossoms

Mills Florist | Spring Blossoms


Spring is my favorite time of year. It is really the first sign of life for many parts of the world. I love waking up and hearing birds chirping and smelling the fresh spring air. In my opinion, not much else compares to the freshness. Nature is new and blossoming. Not surprisingly, spring is also a great time of year to purchase flowers because they are able to be sourced more locally, making them fresh and beautiful. Here is a list of some of my favorite spring buds:


Amaryllis: These flowers are often mistaken for lilies, but they aren’t! They come is bright reds and the buds reach up to six inches when in full blossom! They are eye catching and bold flowers that make great bouquets when partnered with other flowers, or alone. I love these for their spark.


Apple Blossoms: And cherry blossoms alike. They are a gorgeous reminder that spring has arrived, and in some areas they are the first sign that warm weather is approaching. Have you ever been to a Cherry Blossom Festival? Washington D.C. holds a famous Cherry Blossom Festival I would love to attend someday. Apple and Cherry blossoms make for a beautiful photo, but they can be difficult to incorporate in a bouquet. I recommend taking a walk outside to enjoy these beauties.


Peonies: A lot of people I talk to recently have mentioned Peonies as their favorite flower. And what a well-deserved title it is. They are large flowers with layers and layers of petals. Peonies are gorgeous in wedding bouquets or everyday arrangements. They come in beautiful pale pinks, reds, corals, and white. They are one of my favorite flowers in bouquets and arrangements because they just look so simple and stunning.


Poppy: Poppies are such a classic flower. The first time I remember hearing about poppies was when I watched the Wizard of Oz as a child. They won’t actually put you to sleep like they did to Dorothy. But my gosh, I would love to fall asleep in a field of poppies. Because they’re so bright and vibrant, they also make amazing wedding bouquets.


How about you? Are there any spring flowers that just make you smile?