Sikkim International Flower Festival

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Just West of Nepal, nestled deep in the Himalayans of India is a small city known as Sikkim. It is the host of one of the most exquisitely stunning floral festivals in the world. Every summer from March through May, the Sikkim International Flower Festival is home to many exotic varieties of plant life. Native to this very tiny state in India are 600 species of the coveted orchid variety, over 150 varieties of the Gladioli, and over 240 various varieties of trees and ferns.


This annual floral extravaganza showcases the beauty and diversity in the plant kingdom; foliage plant life is also included within the creative displays. Flower festivals are popular all over the globe during the spring and summer seasons. Floral lovers anticipate the beginning of spring and warm weather, after the dark winter season in many parts of our world.


The Sikkim festival offers visitors many opportunities to enjoy a taste of the Indian culture; from native plants and flowers, to an assortment of Indian food delicacies for participants to enjoy. For those who crave knowledge and desire to have a “green thumb” when it comes to growing plants; many experts also offer seminars and classes throughout the entire festival schedule.


A flower festival like Sikkim’s, is a dream come true for those who love and appreciate the beauty and splendor of nature. The displays are extravagant, and the colors of the flowers are vivid and surreal. Though visitors may not have many of these varietals at home, or be able to create such elaborate displays; the festival is a great place for inspiration.


If traveling to India during these months; you will want to make a special trip to the state of Sikkim to enjoy the experience, of what is a once in a lifetime event, for many travelers. And if you can pull yourself away from the spectacular flowers; you can also enjoy a bit water rafting and a Yak Safari tour during your stay.


Though for most of us, India, is quite the trip, in distance and hours; everyone who visits this colorful land, speaks of having a transcendental experience. So what better excuse to pack your bags and get your passport in order, than the Sikkim International Flower Festival. You will definitely be inspired for a lifetime.