Simple and Beautiful Autumn and Halloween Flower Arrangements


The Autumn season can be bright and festive, as much as any other season. With its oranges, greens, and earth tones; October and November can be quite beautiful months for decorating. Flowers, plants, and bouquets are a magical way to bring in the Autumn season, and decorate for Halloween. The containers can get quite creative too; as Autumn is a season filled with pumpkins, gourds, and colorful vases.


Gerber Daisies are wonderful for an Autumn dining table display or for Halloween party decor. Bright orange, long-stemmed, and vibrant; Gerber daisies will look stunning in a jack-o-lantern vase.


Chrysanthemums and Pumpkin Displays


Chrysanthemums come in wonderful Autumn shades, and they are perfect for creating seasonal displays. For table centerpieces, use pumpkins of various sizes filled with an abundance of chrysanthemums. Your decor will light up with color, texture, and height, for the Fall and Halloween season.


Millet, Grasses, and Berries


The Autumn season is just right for celebrating with dried flowers. Your florist can direct you to many varieties of dried flowers, plants, and twigs to decorate with for Autumn and Halloween gatherings. Choices, such as, millet, various grasses, and berries, can create a magnificent bouquet for everyday decor and family gatherings.


Richly Colored Dahlias


Dahlias are gorgeous no matter the occasion; but deeply hued and richly colored dahlias make a luxurious floral arrangement for Autumn dinners and celebrations. For the table or mantelpiece, these lively flowers add a touch of class to the season.


Orange Star and Cattails


Using a white or neutral colored pumpkin as a vase for an arrangement of Orange Star and Cattails, will bring the season alive inside your home. This color combination is not only beautiful, it’s also appetizing as we prepare for many comforting and delicious Autumn meals and Halloween desserts.


Dyed Sunflowers


Your basic yellow sunflower, with its rich chocolate center, is quite stunning; but for the Autumn and Halloween season, you can ask your florist to suggest a beautiful array of colors in which sunflowers can be dyed. Oranges, reds, and chocolate, are great colors for Autumn dinner tables or to place in vases in your family room and living spaces.