Some Common Flowers and Their Symbolism



Flowers and the giving and receiving of them have been full of emotional expression for eons. And nowadays, men a just as likely to get a bouquet as congratulations for a job promotion as women. Flowers signify feelings that sometimes are difficult to express in words, and, as part of the lore of flowers, most have specific meanings and symbolisms. Here are a few of your most common flowers and their deeper messages.



The amaryllis symbolizes harmony, both within you and outside of you, self-care, and freedom. It says that now is the time to stand in your own magic and uniqueness of soul and spirit.



The begonia tells of a rich desire, and of hidden treasures that you may come across on your life path. It symbolizes something rare and special.



Carnations are all about a mother’s love, and the abundance of her nurturing. They are most frequently given on Mother’s Day.



The daffodil speaks to new beginnings, and also to the great joy in being alive.



Trust in Universal guidance and your own inner wisdom, is what the freesia symbolizes.



The symbolism in the hyacinth is about letting go of the past, not bringing it into the present. It also tells you to keep on your path and not allow anyone to dissuade you from going after what your passion is.



The marigold represents earth energies, and reminds us to stay connected to our personal power.



The pansy is all about the magic of life, of elves and faeries. You can even see a faerie in the face of a pansy.


Flowers represent many things to many people. And when you give flowers, you are saying something very special. Knowing the hidden symbols in the flowers you give, can help you to choose with more awareness.