Some of the Best Flowers and Plants For High-Altitude Climates

Flowers in the Mountains

There are beautiful areas of the United States; gorgeous mountainous locations. New Mexico and Colorado, come to mind; with their high-altitudes alongside wide open plains. For those who relocate to these areas, there is often a warning of things they may need to do differently to become adjusted to the altitude. Plants are no different. They may require different amounts of water, light, humidity, so that they can thrive in the mountain air.


Here are a few of the best plants and flowers for those who live in high-altitude locations.


Alpine aster – They have a late Spring bloom, in pink and lavender. These floral beauties can withstand drought, winds, and snowy wet winters. Place them in full sunlight for the best and healthiest results.


Bergenia – These are summertime blooms, in pink, blue, and white. You may need to secure these plants when winds are high, and they don’t like wet weather; but can grow well in full sun or partly shaded areas.


Black snakeroot – Mid- to late summer blooms in tall white or pale pink colors. These lovelies grow much better in cool summer temperatures, so they will do well in mountainous areas where nights and mornings can be very cool.


Boltonia– Blooming late summer into early Fall, Boltonia, are white and pink with strong stems that can withstand high winds.


Columbine meadow rue – These beautiful fuzzy lavender flowers bloom in early summer. They are very tolerant of high winds, but may need extra moisture in high-altitudes with little to no humidity.


If you live in a high-altitude area, consult with a florist as to which plants and flowers are available and perfect for your specific area. The plant kingdom is vast and there is a plant or flower for every climate and season.