Summer’s End: Flowers in Celebration of Labor Day

sunflowers and autumn flowers

It seems like only yesterday, the flower buds were poking through the leftover Winter snow, and the song of Spring was in the air. Summer soon set upon us, gifting us with bright sweltering days and endless sky. Now, Fall is on it’s way quickly, waiting for its turn to add to the beauty of nature.


The last holiday of the Summer season is upon us, and Labor Day is a huge celebration for many families. Whether you spend the weekend at the park, beach, or in the backyard, flowers are a wonderful way to compliment the celebration.


From single flowers to elaborate bouquets; decorating with plants and flowers give us that last touch of Summer, while magically preparing us for Autumn colors.


Sunflower Bouquets


One of the perfect ways to celebrate Labor Day is with a bouquet of Sunflowers. With their sunny yellow color and deep rich chocolate centers; sunflowers are a favorite of many. On a picnic dining table, or placed along the patio, walkway, or around the pool; bouquets of sunflowers are complimentary to any Labor Day decor.


Bouquets in Terracotta


Terracotta pots bring an earthiness to any holiday decor. Consult with your florist to choose flowers that will mimic the splendor of Fall colors, such as, orange gerberas, and golden mums. These colors are warm and natural and blend perfectly with terracotta.


Autumn Bouquets for Warm Climates


Not everyone will experience the change in weather and plant life when Fall arrives. In places like South Florida, it is warm most of the year and plant life is always in bloom. The Caribbean islands also have a warm Fall and Winter season. But if you live in South Florida or Puerto Rico, or simply want to celebrate your culture along with the Labor Day festivities; bouquets of ocean blues and greens are spectacular.


Wherever you may be on this Labor Day weekend, there is a floral arrangement or bouquet that will beautify your holiday celebration and help you and your family welcome in the Autumn season.