Sweeten Up Your Valentine’s Day Gift with Our Add-Ons

Rose Petals on White Background

Everyone loves to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it’s not exactly a surprise. Instead of sending an underwhelming gift to your honey this Valentine’s Day, sweeten up your gift with the add-ons we offer at Mills Florist. There’s an add-on that every Valentine will love!

Here at Mills, we offer a number of Love and Romance bouquets that are perfect to send your partner this Valentine’s Day, but to make your gift stand out, check out some of these extras that your partner is sure to love.

Rose PetalsChocolates

Why send chocolates and flowers from two different places this year? Consolidate your Valentine’s delivery, and add on a gourmet box of chocolates to your Mills Florist order. You can choose from either a large box or a small one – simply add the chocolates to your cart with your flowers!

Rose Petals

If you’re planning a romantic evening in, you might want to add some rose petals to your order. Use them to sprinkle on the bed or along the hallway leading from the door to your candlelit table to heighten the romance of the evening. Your sweetie will be surprised and delighted to come home to a fresh and gorgeous bouquet of flowers as part of a romantic candle-lit setting with rose petals all around.

Teddy Bears

If your sweetie is still a kid at heart, we’re excited to tell you that we have three teddy bear add-on options you can choose from! Our large teddy is chocolate-colored, with a matching bow tied around his neck. Our medium teddy is gold and white, the classic adorable teddy bear.  And our mini teddy is golden and tiny, perfect for a little extra something to come with the flowers.

This Valentine’s Day, sweeten up your gift of flowers with something extra special, and choose one of the add-ons we offer here at Mills Florist. Shop online and place your order for Valentine’s Day today or call us at 650-326-3443 to discuss placing a custom order.