Sweeten Your Gift with Great Additions

Chocolates Flowers are the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, get well, thank you and more, but many of us would like to show our love and appreciation beyond the floral bouquet. Mills Florist helps get your message across to those you care about by providing lovely additions that are available to add on to any fresh flower arrangement.

Whether you are sending flowers to a recovering sick friend or a romantic bouquet to your significant other for Valentine’s Day, a cuddly teddy bear with your floral arrangement makes the perfect pair to send your thoughts of care and love. Mills Florist offers three teddy bear options – large, medium or small – that you can include with your selected bouquet. Choose the best size for your unique occasion to add an extra special touch to your lovely gift.

Flowers and chocolate have been paired together as the ultimate gift duo for almost any occasion, so when in doubt, you can’t go wrong by adding a delicious box of chocolates with your birthday, thank you or anniversary bouquet. Select a small or large chocolate box to make your gift even sweeter.

Are you looking to add even more romance to your floral bouquet gift? Add on rose petals to be sprinkled on the bed, bath or around the house. Your sweetheart will melt at such a thoughtful gift and lovely idea. This popular flower addition is ideal for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or marriage proposals.

Mills Florist is here to help you find the perfect flower and gift combination for your special occasion. Family owned and operated since 1903, we have experience in creating beautiful floral arrangements that will tug at the heart strings, put a smile on anyone’s face and bring happy tears to the eyes. With three great options for additions to your flower bouquet, you can now bring even more joy to your family, friends or special someone.

To learn more about our additional items, standard bouquets or custom arrangements or to place an order, call our friendly team at Mills Florist at 650-326-3443 today.