Sympathy Flowers: A Guide to Gifting

Sympathy Flower Arrangements

In a time of great sadness caused by death or illness, it’s customary to send flowers. But you may find yourself staring at the choices of arrangements and wondering which one is appropriate to send as an expression of your sympathy. The Emily Post Institute recently tackled this topic in an advice column, so let’s take a look at a few of the “rules” about sending sympathy flowers.

Sympathy Flower ArrangementsWhat Kind of Flowers?

Roses, lilies and carnations are traditional and classic choices for sympathy arrangements that will never go out of style. In recent years, however, people have been sending more personalized expressions of sympathy. A personalized arrangement may include a heartfelt note or a less traditional type of flower – for example, sending yellow roses instead of white lilies because they were the deceased’s favorite is totally acceptable.

If you’re wondering whether a certain type of flower is inappropriate in this situation, keep in mind that you want to be tasteful, so wacky colors and odd flowers should not be your first choice. Stick with the classic flower varieties mentioned above in simple and subdued tones.

Arrangement Style

When it comes to the arrangement style, the sky’s the limit. If a group is sending the arrangement, it should traditionally be a floral wreath, cross or spray (which is an arrangement that is placed on top of the casket). If you’re sending flowers individually, floral baskets, bouquets and other types of plants are commonplace. The family members of the deceased will usually take care of the floral arrangements for the funeral service, but if you’d like to contribute to that, you can send your arrangement directly to the funeral home.

When to Send Flowers?

The timing of sending sympathy flowers depends on whether you want to send an arrangement directly to the loved ones of the deceased or if you want your flowers displayed at the wake or funeral. It is customary, however, for friends and family to send flowers as soon as they hear the news. Some close friends and family members may also send flowers after the funeral to remind their loved ones that they are in their thoughts.

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