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How to Creatively Incorporate Flowers into a Wedding

How to Creatively Incorporate Flowers into a Wedding

For many couples, flowers are a huge part of a wedding ceremony and reception. You want to showcase the bouquets and arrangements you’ve picked out, but how exactly do you use them? Thankfully, there are several ways to creatively use your floral arrangements that goes beyond the typical table displays. Here are a few ideas: … Read more »

Give the Gift of Flowers on National Senior Citizens Day

Spring Tea from Mills Florist

On August 21, we celebrate National Senior Citizens Day to honor the elderly. From our grandparents to our neighbors to our church members, senior citizens deserve recognition and respect. Spend time with a senior citizen and show your appreciation for them by giving the gift of flowers on National Senior Citizens Day. Summer Fiesta Do… Read more »

Highlighting Our Autumn Floral Arrangements

Autumn Floral Arrangements

Here at Mills Florist, we love featuring seasonal bouquets. Autumn is almost here, and because of that, we now have our autumn bouquets available. With colors evoking the changing leaves of fall, Mills Florists offers a wide variety of flower arrangements and floral bouquets to suit any taste. Take a look at some of our… Read more »

Surprise Her with Flowers on National Wife Appreciation Day

Autumn Floral Arrangments

You might have your wife’s birthday memorized, along with the date of your wedding anniversary, and on a good year, you probably remember Valentine’s Day. However, there’s one more date to add to the calendar: National Wife Appreciation Day on Sept. 17. Although National Wife Appreciation Day isn’t a common holiday, it’s a great reason… Read more »

Celebrate a Loved One for National Senior Citizen’s Day

Floral Arrangement with Tulips

Whether you have an elderly grandparent, neighbor, or family friend, all seniors deserve to be celebrated. America is celebrating National Senior Citizen’s Day on August 21, and we have bouquets that will make the special senior in your life smile. It’s important to let your loved one know that you think of them and love… Read more »

Twigs and Branches as Decorative Accents

Flowers are not the only way to use nature in your home, though they are the most commonly used. Wood, twigs, and branches bring the outside in and give you some more options beyond that of a typical vase of flowers.   Twigs & Branches Of course putting twigs in a floral arrangement adds a… Read more »

Using Dead and Dried Flowers

Floral arrangements are beautiful when in bloom, but many people find flowers to be equally as great once they have dried and died. They often retain a lovely color, sometimes scent remains, and they are still beautiful. You can reuse your dead flowers in several ways as accent pieces in your home. Here are a… Read more »