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Allergy Friendly Flowers

Allergy Friendly Flowers

  If you have been wanting to invest in flowers or plants to beautify your space, but are afraid of triggering terrible allergies, we have some good news. You can freely give the gift of flower arrangements and plants to those who are prone to allergies without worrying about their health. There are flowers and… Read more »

Tips on Giving Flowers as a Gift

Giving someone a beautiful flower arrangement is a great gift for just about any holiday or event. Whether a loved one is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday, we know your loved one will be thrilled to receive a bouquet of flowers. Be sure to make the… Read more »

Don’t Make These Wedding Flower Mistakes

When it comes to your wedding, it should be up to you and your spouse to decide every aspect of the day, including the floral arrangements that will be at the ceremony and reception. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to some advice before making any final decision. While there isn’t necessarily a… Read more »

Making your Bouquet Last Longer

Upon delivery flower arrangements are bright, full and beautiful but inevitably the colors begin to fade and the petals begin to droop within just a few days. This frustrates us all as we watch these magnificent bouquets shrink down to nothing and end up in a garbage can. But did you know that there are… Read more »

Ways to Brighten Up Your Garden

Those of you who like to garden know that compiling an assortment of different shrubs, flowers and plants only adds more character and value to your home. Not only this, but it also adds a certain sense of beauty and elegance if done right. Some of you might be content with the gardens and surrounding… Read more »

Live Like A Flower

We’re constantly searching for ways to live a better, healthier and more fulfilling life. There are so many theories and methods on how to lead the best life you can. Living your life like a flower can be a refreshing and easy way to succeed in happiness. Not all flowers are the same color; in… Read more »

You Bought Flowers, Now What?

You’ve spent your time and picked the perfect arrangement for a loved one. Now what? The next decision is where you should have the flowers delivered. There are two main choices to consider, their home or workplace. The deciding factors for this should be the reason behind sending the flowers as well as the cost… Read more »

A History on the Rose as the Valentine’s Day Flower

Anyone who thinks Valentine’s Day thinks roses, but why? A significant amount of cultures used roses in the earliest of ages in wedding ceremonies. As time went on, roses continued being used in marriages as well as in bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces. They became a classic gift from a male to his female significant other…. Read more »

Autumn Table Arrangements

The colors of Fall are stunning. Rich jewel tones of red, orange, gold, earth tones of browns, russet and green, all fill our natural surroundings, and it is these very colors that can make for unique table arrangements. We can not only use flowers that come in these hues, but also pine cones, berries, and… Read more »

Growing Succulents: Green Sculptures

  Succulents are those gorgeously sculptural plants with thick, fleshy leaves and thicker roots, both which hold water. If you have had trouble maintaining the usual houseplant, a succulent may be just the thing, as they require little care, only the right environment.   Succulents have adapted to being able to survive in very dry… Read more »