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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with a Floral Arrangement

The summer solstice is just around the corner. On June 21st, 2018, we’ll celebrate the passing of the seasons; the end of the spring, and the start of summer, with the flowers now in full bloom. There’s nothing like being outside in the summer and we’d suggest ringing in the summer solstice with a beautiful… Read more »

Our Floral Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

Our Flower Picks for Administrative Professionals Day

April 25th marks a new day not only in our calendars, but also in our offices. Administrative staff are the spine of any company, pulling forth the man power and providing the essential support needed to execute any task. This is an opportunity to share your appreciation for those who help you keep your business… Read more »

Highlighting Our Autumn Floral Arrangements

Autumn Floral Arrangements

Here at Mills Florist, we love featuring seasonal bouquets. Autumn is almost here, and because of that, we now have our autumn bouquets available. With colors evoking the changing leaves of fall, Mills Florists offers a wide variety of flower arrangements and floral bouquets to suit any taste. Take a look at some of our… Read more »

Your Guide to Sending a Thank-You Bouquet

Daydream Bouquet

A hand-written note is a great way to say “thank you” to someone who has done something kind for you, but when a note doesn’t feel like enough, consider gifting them a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers. Sending a floral arrangement as a “thank you” is a thoughtful gesture for a variety of different situations…. Read more »