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A History on the Rose as the Valentine’s Day Flower

Anyone who thinks Valentine’s Day thinks roses, but why? A significant amount of cultures used roses in the earliest of ages in wedding ceremonies. As time went on, roses continued being used in marriages as well as in bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces. They became a classic gift from a male to his female significant other…. Read more »

Planting a Rose Garden

In many ways, roses are the quintessential flower. They are symbols of love, romance, loyalty, friendship, and the budding of Spring. Now that we are entering the Fall and Winter seasons; it’s a great time to begin thinking about next season’s rose garden, especially if you’re a gardening novice.   It would appear that starting… Read more »

Millions of Reasons To Give Roses

Maybe there aren’t a million reasons to give your loved one roses; but there are far more than you think. Roses are not just for Valentine’s Day anymore; and actually they never were. Red, yellow, white, and pink, are just a few of the most popular colors of roses; which makes them the perfect flower… Read more »