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4 Reasons to Have Flowers in Your Home This Winter

vase of flowers sitting on windowsill

Flowers can brighten any room, but especially so during the winter months. Winter, as we all know, can be a dark and lonely time. We’re stuck in our homes for most of winter, especially so during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, there are ways we can liven up our spaces. Flowers are great to have all… Read more »

10 Flowers That Bloom in Winter

10 Flowers That Bloom in Winter

When we think of winter, we imagine snow, cold, and pine trees. The occasional plant might bloom (such as hollies or mistletoe), but most, we assume, are dead or dormant until spring comes around again. This, however, is a common mistake. While we think of spring as the time for flowers to bloom, there are… Read more »

Bring Fresh Life to the Season With Winter Flowers

Winter Floral Arrangements

Sending floral arrangements isn’t only for the spring and summer months. Bring fresh life to the winter season with some fresh flowers and add a little something special to your home’s décor! Here at Mills Florist, we have a number of winter arrangements that are perfect for any occasion. Check out some of our favorites… Read more »

Caring for your Holiday Poinsettia

Poinsettia season is quickly approaching! The poinsettia is a beautiful splash of color among a very white season. It serves as a reminder of the joy and specialness of the holidays. Keeping indoor poinsettias is a great way to decorate. They come in a variety of seasonal colors, from deep red to pink or white…. Read more »