Teaching Children To Appreciate Flowers


Instilling an appreciation of Nature in your child will make him full of wonder, grateful and a well-rounded person. Watching things grow can not only be educational, but also a beautiful experience. Understanding the effects of color and scent on mood, can make your child a more compassionate individual, and help him understand others better.


Rather than going to an expensive theme park this summer, take your child to a meadow full of wildflowers, and bring along a picnic. Bring a book on flowers and you and your child can go on a flower hunt to identify the flowers in the meadow. You may see ladybugs and butterflies as well which will make it even more fun. Collect a sample of each flower and when you get home press them in a heavy book, to put in an scrapbook or a frame.


Giving your kids flowers on their birthdays, in addition to that longed-for toy, can open them to the adventure and joy of giving flowers to others. Make sure the flowers are not yet in full bloom so your child can have the experience of them coming to life. Give flowers in your child’s favorite colors, or to match his room, and if they are scented, make sure you introduce that scent to your child so his appreciation of the flowers is complete. He may ignore them at first, but it can be guaranteed that they will be noticed and missed once they are gone.


Giving your children flowers for their rooms for jobs well done – like acing a test in school, or raking the leaves – is also a wonderful way to show your appreciation and approval. It is a great way to reinforce good behavior, while also letting your kids how much you love them.


Flowers are more special than dolls and train sets because they are more carefully selected. And if you introduce your children to the glory of flowers and Nature early in their lives, they will develop an interest in and appreciate for the world around them as well as the people in it.