The Beauty of Natural Branches



Now that Autumn is almost here, we will get that urge to redecorate for the season and change the decor in our homes and exteriors. The Spring and Summer speaks to us in yellows, reds, greens, blues, and purples; these same colors are beautiful in the Autumn as well, but sometimes, the cooler seasons make us want to experience a more warm and earthy surrounding.


Natural branches are a unique way to bring the energy of plant life into your home environment. And one of the most wonderful aspects of decorating your home with natural wood branches is that they can be displayed in a myriad of ways. From long tall elegant branches set in a huge vase, or bunches of smaller branches and twigs used in a table or mantelpiece display to mimic works of art; natural wood brings the outdoors in, creating a mystical and peaceful environment.


One of the best ways to decorate with branches, is to add ferns and moss to the display. With the natural colors of the wood, blended with Autumn shades of green; your seasonal look is complete. Have fun chatting with your florist about which branches, ferns, and green plant life, will best compliment your own personal decorating style.


If you live in an area filled with natural plant life, such as the mountains, high desert, or forest; take a peaceful and rejuvenating walk-through and see what catches your eye. Branches naturally fall from trees, and in these abundant areas, you will find many. Begin collecting branches to see which ones speak to you the most. You can even take them to your florist to find out what kinds of branches they are, and if you can get more of them for your home decor.


In the art of Feng Shui, the earth element is vital to having balance in life. Decorating with branches, twigs, ferns, and other green plant life, is the quintessential way to bring this earth element into your living spaces.