The Best Flowers for Each Room

The Best Flowers for Each Room

While many people opt for a typical, green plant to place in one of their rooms, flowers give a pop of color and life to an otherwise plain room. You really can’t go wrong with flowers, but some types are better for certain rooms than others. Here’s a quick run down of some of the best flowers to place in major areas of your home:

Living RoomThe Best Flowers for Each Room

Living rooms are generally bright and cheerful, with lots of space to fit in guests. You should get flowers that reflect this, and are also designed to due well under lots of light. Tulips and anemones are the first that come to mind; they come in a variety of colors and thrive with lots of sunlight. Sweet peas are also an excellent choice, although keep in mind that they mainly come in purple hues, so they may not fit well with every color scheme.


No matter how much or how little you cook, your kitchen is going to be one of the warmest rooms of the house. That’s why kitchens require plants that are hardy and used to higher temperatures. Succulents are the natural choice, as well as tropical flowers if your kitchen has a lot of sunlight.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you should really get any kind of flower you like for this room. If you’re not sure where to start, though, lilacs and roses are always a great and classic choice. Plus, the scene of lilacs can be used to reduce stress, helpful when you need to fall asleep after a long day.


With lots of moisture and less light, you’ll need a plant that can withstand humidity and shade in your bathroom. Orchids are the best choice for this; they thrive in humid environments and can’t stand direct sunlight.

If you’re still struggling on what flowers to put in your home, then feel free to contact Mills Florist. Located in the Palo Alto area, we can help you narrow down on the best flower for your home. So call us today at 650-326-3443!