The Best Plants for Your Home Office

The Best Plants for Your Home Office

With more of us working from home, we’re all taking steps to make our home office comfier and more productive. One way to boost the look and feel of your home office is to invest in indoor plants. Plants aren’t just for looks—they can do wonders like improve air quality, reduce stress, decrease sick days, and more.

But what kinds of plants should you include in your home office? Here are a few ideas to get you started:The Best Plants for Your Home Office

Factors to consider

Before we get into the types of plants, it’s important to consider some factors. Different plants require different conditions in order to grow. If you want your plant to flourish, you’ll need to ensure that your home office meets these requirements. The top factors that influence plant life include:

  1. Light
  2. Space
  3. Watering

For example, if your home office has low light, then you’ll want a plant that can tolerate low-light conditions. Additionally, if you’re the type who might forget to water your plants, then you’ll want one that doesn’t require much watering.


Succulents are perfect for brightly lit home offices. If your home office has a southern or eastern facing window, then a few succulents will flourish. Plus, these desert plants require very little watering, making them perfect for the forgetful plant owner.

English ivy

English ivies are beautiful plants that, when properly cared for, will grow and drape across your space. Once their roots are established, they require very little care. If you place them in a hanging basket, you can see their vines drape down to the floor. Keep them away from bright, direct sunlight and your English ivy will flourish.


Just like English ivy, pothos plants look their best when hung up in a hanging basket or placed upon a high shelf. These fast-growing plants can tolerate both shady and sunny areas of your home. While the pothos plant does best when watered every few days, it can tolerate periods of dryness.

At Mills Florist, we offer many exotic plants that will look great in your home office. Contact us today to learn more!