The Best Spring and Summer Bouquets for Your Wedding

Summer Sunset Bouquet

Mills Florist Wedding Floral ArrangementsIt’s finally wedding season and many couples are starting to make decisions on what types of flowers they want to use to celebrate their special day.

Mills Florist has some suggestions on the best spring and summer bouquets that will be best fitting for your warm-weather wedding!

Blooms that Rival a Summer Sunset

Flowers give you an opportunity to incorporate beautiful colors into your wedding, especially when you go with vibrant displays of pinks and yellows. Consider using romantic flowers such as tulips and gerbera daisies which are both a symbol of love and cheerfulness. Traditional roses round out our Summer Sunset bouquet.

Floral Arranges Full of Elegant Grace

Concerned that bold colors won’t blend well with your wedding’s color scheme? Take a softer approach and choose our Elegant Grace floral arrangement that meshes hydrangeas, tulips, roses, and mini calla lilies. Hydrangeas are big, beautiful blooms and are known for signifying heartfelt emotion.

Delight in Daisies

A bouquet full of Delightful Daisies signifies happiness and cheerful, both of which are emotions that will overwhelm you on your wedding day. A floral arrangement that displays this plant in various colors, along with seasonal greenery, will effortlessly add simple joy to your wedding.

A Pretty in Pink Bouquet

While red is often referred to as a color of passion, pink is often referred to as the color of love. Consider adding a pop of pink into your wedding decor with our gorgeous Pretty in Pink bouquet. Hydrangeas, roses, and tulips all work together to create a floral arrangement perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

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