The Prettiest Wedding Flowers For Autumn


Autumn is coming quickly, and it’s such a beautiful season for color. Nature reflects this beauty in the changing of the leaves, green desert life turning into sandy golds and reds, and forests displaying bare branches in different tones of brown. More couples are choosing to get married in late September and October, partly due to the much more comfortable and cooler temperatures; but also because Autumn is a season of new beginnings.


Autumn brides and grooms have a wide array of gorgeous flowers and plants from which to choose; to adorn corsages, dinner reception tables, and wedding halls. You don’t need to stick with any one color palette simply because it’s considered perfect for the season; but there are ways of incorporating the style of the season into your wedding design.


Here are a few stunning flowers and colors trending for Autumn:




Sunflowers are a mystical flower choice for weddings; and the Autumn season offers this varietal in a delicious shade of chocolate, which is really various shades of deep dark reds, that give the illusion of a rich shade of brown. They are stunning as decorations for your reception dinner table.


The Sunflower has become a symbol of adoration and loyalty; perfect for an Autumn wedding ceremony.


Million Star Baby’s Breath


Most people are quite familiar with Baby’s Breath as beautiful tiny little fillers for floral bouquets. But these splendid little flowers can be made to look like a million bucks for any wedding or reception decor. Ask your florist about tinting Baby’s Breath gold, bronze, or copper, to mimic the stars in an Autumn night’s sky.


White Snowberry Branches


To add a natural touch of Autumn to your wedding theme; use white Snowberry branches on tables in centerpieces, or as a savvy way to decorate napkin holders. Snowberry branches are striking by themselves but will also be a great complement to many different floral bouquets.


Orange Roses


Roses are the quintessential flowers of romance and love; and even in Autumn they look amazingly beautiful in gold and orange shades. There are deep orange shades of roses that will add that magic touch to your wedding theme, or choose a mixture of deep yellow and orange, which honors the season, while delighting the eye.


If you are having, or planning an Autumn wedding; work with a florist who can help you decide the best way to let the season shine through your decor. Greens, burgundys, yellows, and various branches and willows, are also wonderful choices to stand alone, or mix with brighter fresher colors.