The Right Flowers for the Right Season

Using flowers of orange, red, yellow and gold perpetuate the feelings of fall. You can also use pinecones, cranberries, and evergreen branches to accentuate your autumn décor. Perfect for decorating every corner of your home, flowers are the answer anytime of year.

Such flowers as marigolds, daisies, sunflowers, and red and yellow roses are perfect for the season. With glowing splashes of orange, yellow and red, these flowers make for the perfect centerpiece to any dinner table.

Or you can put all these items on small, decorative plates, and use them as place setters. Pick different items for each guest, trying to make them personal and unique to each guest. Use a variety of ribbons to make each place setting unique and special. Your dinner guests will be sure to remember the care with which your arranged your table.

Autumn is a time that abounds in choices; choices of colors and textures, with a wide variety of design options. You can really get that fall look and feel dressing up your foyer, living room or dining room table. Whatever your goals, the right flowers are the perfect vehicle for enforcing your autumn décor.