Twigs and Branches as Decorative Accents

Flowers are not the only way to use nature in your home, though they are the most commonly used. Wood, twigs, and branches bring the outside in and give you some more options beyond that of a typical vase of flowers.


Twigs & Branches

Of course putting twigs in a floral arrangement adds a rustic flavor that you might like, as well as offers a different textural element in the bouquet. But branches, both large and small can be used as statements pieces and also be seasonal-ized to suit whatever time of year it may be.


Larger Branches

Large branches can be hung on walls instead of the usual painting. You can decorate it with fruit or berries, or artificial garlands can be wound around them – pieces that can be changed for each occasion or time of year. You can even hang ornaments on them, suitable for every season.


Very large branches can be put in corners of your favorite room as pieces of sculpture – instead of using live plants and decorative indoor trees. The large branches act as a form of organic decorative art and can be accented with various ornaments to represent holidays and seasonal colors. You can hang ghosts, webs, and witches on them for Halloween.  String them with lights and accent them with holly at Christmas. Complete the look with beautiful Christmas ornaments. In the summer they can be decorated with seasonal flowers and fresh buds. Their uses are as limitless as your imagination.


Twigs and branches are not plain, dead, and colorless. Their versatility means that you can create them to be whatever you choose. Collecting these pieces of art is also budget friendly and can be fun and get your imagination flowing.


So think about taking a hike and looking for these natural sculptures. They can be marvelous accents for your home.