3 Unique Ways to Preserve Your Flowers

Tips to Preserve Flowers

Unique Ways to Preserve FlowerFew things are better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. However, it can be difficult to part with them and throw them away as they start to fade.

Luckily, there are some unique methods that can help you preserve flowers so you can hang onto a special bouquet for good.

Pressing Flowers

Pressing flowers is probably the most popular way to preserve flowers because it’s simple and it works well. All you need is a few select petals and a heavy book. Line two pages around the middle of the book with wax paper or parchment paper, and arrange the flowers so they don’t overlap. Then, close the book and let it sit for about a week.

The flowers should have a texture that’s similar to paper once they’re completely dried out. You can use them to make jewelry, household décor, or simply keep them pressed in the book as a lovely memory.

Vase Drying

Vase drying your flowers is a very no-nonsense method, but it can result in a bit of mess due to dropped leaves and petals. Once all of the water in the vase has evaporated, the flowers should go completely dry. Clean the vase and use the flowers in the vase as a centerpiece at your next dinner party.

Avoid using this method on flowers that tend to droop due to heavy heads and slim stalks.


If don’t want to invest a lot of time, simply dry out your flowers in the microwave. All you’ll need is a microwave-safe bowl and cat litter. Place the flower head you want to dry inside the bowl and cover it with a layer of cat litter. Microwave for two to three minutes and you should have a perfectly dried flower once the cat litter cools.

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