Unusual Ways to Make Flowers Last Longer

There are few things better than receiving a bouquet of flowers from a loved one, but the only problem is they don’t last forever. While there is no way to keep real flowers forever, there are ways to make them last a bit longer. If you find that the flowers in your house are withering away too quickly, there a are a few unconventional methods to ensure your bouquet is colorful and alive as long as possible.

Did you know that sugar can actually extend the life of most flowers? The best way to use sugar to keep flowers alive is by pouring a small amount of soda into a vase. Adding about a quarter of a cup of clear soda to the water won’t hurt, and it will actually ensure they remain healthy. Other options include apple cider vinegar and even vodka. Just remember to not add too much!

Keeping your flowers looking fresh for more than a few days is often a challenge, no matter what type of flowers you have or how well you’ve taken care of them. To remedy this problem, simply spray the flowers with a light mist of hair spray. However, you don’t want to spray very much, and you should aim for the underside of the petals. Doing so should preserve the fresh look of your flowers for an extra few days.

If you don’t have any extra soda or hair spray around the house, you can also use pennies to keep your flowers alive. That’s because pennies are made out of copper, which happens to ward off bacteria that may grow on your flowers and causing them to wither more quickly. Simply drop a few pennies into the vase and your work is done.

Try one or two of these techniques and see what works best for you, and remember that your flowers should be getting plenty of water and sunlight in addition to these life extending solutions.