Using Dead and Dried Flowers


Floral arrangements are beautiful when in bloom, but many people find flowers to be equally as great once they have dried and died. They often retain a lovely color, sometimes scent remains, and they are still beautiful. You can reuse your dead flowers in several ways as accent pieces in your home. Here are a few suggestions.




You can use dead flowers to make wreaths to hang inside or outside. If the flowers are small, add some dried hydrangea and greenery. Silica gel will help to dry your blooms completely if they aren’t already.




Dead, dried flowers make wonderful potpourri that adds scent and beauty to any room. Use a flower scented oil on the dried flowers, and toss the flowers gently. Place the potpourri in a decorative basket, a beautiful glass dish or bowl, or a pretty box. Or you can put the potpourri in a silk bag and add it as a sachet to a clothes drawer. It smells divine!




Some dead flowers lend themselves to being framed and hung on your walls. Long stemmed flowers are especially interesting in a frame.


Pressed Flowers


If you are sentimental about the flowers, if they were given as a gift for a special occasion, think about pressing them in a book and putting them into an album. This is a beautiful way to preserve a special feeling for all time.


In A Vase


Then again, you can always rearrange the dried flowers into a new floral arrangement and put them in a beautiful vase. Dead flowers have a unique mystery about them, and can be very beautiful. You can put some greenery in as well to add interest.




Dried flowers look especially pretty tied together with a silk ribbon or some raffia, and hung upside down from a rack or on the wall. It is a lovely accent to a room, especially nice in the kitchen.


There are many ways to recycle dead flowers. Get creative and let your imagination run wild. You will find that they are as interesting and beautiful as live flowers, and can really help beautify your home.