How to Wear Flowers for Any Occasion

How to Wear Flowers for Any Occasion

How to Wear Flowers for Any OccasionFlowers can adorn our homes and gardens, but they can also make great fashion accessories. Any fashion expert knows that your choice of accessories can either make or break an outfit, and flowers are often a way to embellish your style further. You can decorate hairstyles with beautiful fresh flowers, or pin them to the lapel on your suit. Flowers allow you to play creatively with your everyday look. Here’s how:

Date Night Adornment

Going on a special date with your significant other? Then stop by your nearest florist and choose a few fresh flowers to accessorize your outfit. Place a couple of flowers in your hair by weaving them into your braid or tucking them behind your ear. If you sport a short or cropped style, then place the flower stems underneath a gorgeous headband or decorative scarf.

Formal Attire

The best part about flowers is that they can be dressed up or down. If you’re attending a wedding, formal dinner, or just spending a night out at the theater, then a few flowers can make a world of difference to an already stunning outfit. Flowers on a man’s lapel, or used as a decorative pin on the shoulder of a fabulous little black dress can add a touch of elegance, classic style, and fragrance to the evening.

Whimsical Summer Style

During the dog days of summer, we tend to wear simpler, lighter clothing. Accessories then, become the key to a more fashionable and intricate look. A couple of daisies tossed in the hair can give you a casually sexy and feminine appearance. If you have trouble keeping them in your hair, use a decorative, blinged-out hair comb or a colorful barrette.

Flowers Around the Waist

A small bouquet of fresh flowers around the waist is a unique and refreshing way to wear floral accessories. With a scarf, sash, or cloth belt, it’s simple to place a few of your favorites underneath your waistband’s fabric. If you’re sporting a summer dress or an evening cocktail dress, then placing the stems of the flowers underneath a wide stylish belt is a fresh and fabulous option.

Or around the wrist

As we know from our prom days, corsages can be a beautiful accessory for any formal occasion. They are typically used for prom, of course, but they can also be worn by a bride on the day of her summer wedding. You can then get a matching botonniere for your date or for your soon-to-be husband.

With flowers, you are free to be as creative as you like to create unique fashion accessories. All you have to do is pick up a few of your favorite flowers and incorporate them into your daily life. Buy a cute vase or mason jar, place a few flower buds inside, and then incorporate the others into your next outfit. Just stop by Mills Florist to get started!