Winterize your Roses

It takes us all summer long, and maybe even some of spring to get our flowerbeds and gardens to look exactly how we want them too. A lot of hard word, planting, seeding, and maintenance goes into sprouting flowers up as big and beautiful as they can be. Then comes winter, the season that basically rips and tears down everything we built with out own two hands and a lot of soil with it, taking all the vibrant colors away.

You don’t have to let harsh winters take away your beautiful flowers, making you replant new ones each spring. Just before winter comes, why not take the time to learn how to winterize your roses? Roses can be one of the most vulnerable flowers when it comes time for winter, so you want to make sure you prep and take the best care of them before this harsh season arrives.

Fertilizing the flowers in late summer is great for protecting them throughout the cold months. Generally, you should make the last feeding of the season two months before you expect the first frost. Refrain from major pruning and cutting of the blossoms, which will avoid any new stimulating growth that will be killed by the cold regardless.

You should also remove any and all old mulch from under and around the roses as it may be harboring insect eggs or disease spores from fallen leaves. Once you clean all of this out, make sure you water the rose well, especially if it has been through a dry summer.

Once the ground freezes, you should add more mulch. You’ll want to pack the mulch up about 6 to 12 inches up the canes, which will insulate the soil producing an even temperature throughout the winter weather. You could also enclose the shrub with a cylinder and fill it with mulch, that way it will stay covered up as well.