Women Resorting to Self-Gifting Flowers…?

Uh oh. It seems that men are dropping the ball…again. Before we get into that quandary, let’s reflect a moment on flowers. What do you think of when the word “flowers” comes across your mental periphery? Maybe you focus on the smell, how the great smell of a really nifty flower can lift you up like an astronaut and send you floating on a space rock toward a planets of invigorating delight.

Maybe you focus on the colors, how each flower has a different coat of paint, that walking through a garden flush with flowers feels like a dream, that you’re coming to life again and again in the pages of the most beautiful coloring book ever created.

Or maybe you think of romance, that time you sent your significant other some flowers because you wanted to express your love (or maybe you made a mistake and were trying to make up for it, but that’s a conversation for another time…). I think we can all agree that flowers are romantic. Unfortunately, it seems that chivalry is dead, if this article from the Daily Telegraph is correct.

Writer Kat Adamski, in an interview with florist Louise Reeves, comes to the conclusion that chivalry is deader than dead, that it’s as trendy as wearing suits of armor to dance clubs. She writes, “She [Reeves] said about 95 per cent of her clients were women sending flowers to each other – or themselves – with a mere 5 per cent of men making the romantic gesture.”

Seriously, 5 per cent? That is downright embarrassing men. Where’s your sense of romance? Of being dashing and handsome able to woo your partner with a wry smile? Those days or Casanovas and roses are long gone, it seems, and Adamski mourns the loss and the article as a whole feels like an elegy. Ah well – we have a solution to this problem, a little pushing and shoving can go a long way in resurrecting that knightly code of honor, and the solution is simple: hey men, buy your partner some flowers. We know deep down that you’re romantic (we all are), so why don’t you capitalize on it and show the world you’re not dead inside?