You Bought Flowers, Now What?

14576147_sYou’ve spent your time and picked the perfect arrangement for a loved one. Now what? The next decision is where you should have the flowers delivered. There are two main choices to consider, their home or workplace. The deciding factors for this should be the reason behind sending the flowers as well as the cost of delivery to each location. Flower bouquets sent for intimate life events like the death of a family member are best sent to the home. Alternatively, if you are sending flowers for Valentine’s Day or a birthday, the office is a great place to have them sent.

Since grieving can be a very personal and intimate thing, drawing attention to the person going through it, isn’t always the best idea. Receiving flowers at work and keeping them on the desk invites people to stop by, compliment and ask the reasoning behind them. It can quickly become overwhelming to tell four, five or more people about a loved one passing away. If you are sending flowers as a celebration of something private between you and the recipient its also best to have them sent to a residence.

Since most companies expect flower deliveries on Valentine’s Day, bouquets are nothing out of the ordinary. And, if a lot of people in the office are receiving flowers or gifts, a flower delivery will make your loved one feel special. Birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations are also opportunities to send flowers to a workplace since they can be proudly displayed for coworkers to see without the fear of inquiry about the reasoning behind. On top of these considerations, you should also mind the cost of delivery.

For widely celebrated holidays like Valentine’s Day, delivery prices inflate and can cost double or triple the normal fee. One-day delivery or out of town delivery can also cost extra, and maybe even cost more than the arrangement itself. You should also compare the cost of a home delivery to an office delivery, especially if the two sites or one of them is far from the florist. Considering how to send flowers is part of the purchasing process. The best decision is the one that leaves you and the recipient happy, without costing you an arm and a leg.

It should also be mentioned that an alternative to getting the flowers delivered is to transport them by hand to the recipient’s home or office. This could save a significant amount of money and give you opportunity to see the reaction of your bouquet when it’s delivered to your loved one instead of just receiving a thank you call or text message. Remember that you can always ask the flower specialist for advice as well if you’re stuck in the middle of a delivery decision.